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Almond shell processing plant in Merced, California 500 kg/hr

Partnership with: Corigin Solutions

Pyrovac delivered the first 500 kg/h plant to produce CoripholTM and CoricharTM to Corigin Solutions, LLC in Merced, California. Delivery of a larger capacity plant is scheduled for 2024.

Pyrovac’s advanced pyrolysis technology converts almond shells into CoripholTM, a biostimulant agent that has proven to be very successful for crop yields in California. Another product is CoricharTM, a biochar used to enrich soils in agricultural settings, reducing petroleum-based fertilizers while immobilizing carbon in the soil. Another recent application of biochar is in animal feed and compost blending.

CoripholTM has received all environmental approvals from California, one of the most stringent State for environmental permits. CoripholTM is now marketed by Penny Newman, a wholesaler and distributor of agricultural products.

California is the world’s largest producer of almonds, accounting for 80% of the world’s production with over 1.5 M tons per year (1). Growers find CoripholTM and CoricharTM production to be a significantly higher value than the use of nutshells by the dairy industry as bedding for livestock(2).

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