Green technology of advanced pyrolysis

Pyrolysis is the process of thermal decomposition in the absence of air. The products generated include pyrolytic liquids, solid carbon-based residues, and incondensable gases. The latter are used to heat the pyrolysis reactor. Known for centuries, pyrolysis has traditionally been used to make charcoal (wood carbonization).

Today, Pyrovac is one of the few companies able to fully recover organic wastes by transforming them into solid and liquid products of commercial value.

Pyrovac's advanced pyrolysis technology is the result of more than 30 years of scientific research, first in the laboratory, then in process development.

Pyrovac collaborates with leading companies to develop concrete and cost-effective solutions for the treatment of organic wastes. The researchers and engineers work closely with its client-partners on the optimal valorization of agricultural and forestry biomass residues. Another project targets plastic wastes, all in compliance with environmental standards.

Pyrovac's advanced pyrolysis process has several advantages:



Pyrovac's advanced pyrolysis consists of the thermal decomposition of organic materials into fully recovered oils, solid products and gases:

  • Pyroligneous materials become biostimulant agents in agricultural environments. For example, CoripholTM is currently being commercialized in California.
  • Biochar such as CoricharTM can be used as a substrate for soil amendment, as an additive for animal feed and in composting.
  • Biocarbon obtained from forest residues is expected to replace mineral coal in ferrosilicon manufacturing processes, thus massively reducing GHG emissions in the metallurgy sector.
  • Pyrolytic fuels derived from the thermal decomposition of plastic wastes are compatible with the corresponding petroleum fractions of gasoline, kerosene and diesel. As a result, these new low-carbon fuels reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 68% compared to products from oil refining.
  • As for the non-condensable gases, they are generally used as a heat source for the pyrolysis reactor.

Pyrovac's team of researchers and engineers is working to improve the process continuously.

Pyrovac's advanced pyrolysis technology is in line with the sustainable development perspective by being:

  • ecologically efficient;
  • economically advantageous;
  • and socially responsible


  • A continuous process that ensures reliability, safety, steady production, high efficiency, all this in a compact pyrolysis reactor.
  • Advanced control technology, secure remote management, data collection and analysis.


Energy efficiency

  • A unique heat transfer by means of molten transfer salts allows the complete transformation of matter without generating secondary residues.
  • The Pyrovac process is energy self-sufficient.


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