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1500 kg/hr forest residue conversion plant in Saguenay

Partnership with: Elkem Metal Canada

Pyrovac is working with Elkem Metal Canada to construct a 1500 kg/hr pilot plant to produce biocarbon briquettes.

This product is intended to replace metallurgical coal of fossil origin in the ferrosilicon process. Elkem wants to extend its application to other metallurgy sectors in the future.

With Pyrovac’s advanced pyrolysis process, Elkem aims to improve its environmental footprint by massively reducing the GHG emissions of the current industrial process. Further to the existing pilot plant, the objective is to build the first full-scale plant with 40,000 tons of biocarbon capacity per year by 2024. Elkem ASA aims to create a total of four plants by 2030 to meet its internal needs. In addition, Elkem may build additional plants to produce biocarbon that could meet the needs of other users in the metallurgy sector.

This project represents an excellent outlet for the valorization of forest residues from sawmills operating in the Saguenay and elsewhere in the world.

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